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Converting mistral workflow to Orquesta

I have started migrating my mistral workflows into Orquesta format and have a hard time understanding how I set up something similar to “task-defaults” in Orquesta. If any of my tasks fail, I want to send a email notifying me about the failure. But I would prefer not to have to set the same lines of code in all task. Is it possible?

I setup a rule to trigger on a failed execution. That rule kicks off a workflow to send me an email. That way you don’t have to change all your workflows.

Hi @guzzijones,
With ‘task-defaults’ it’s easy to collect different data within different flow and send a detailed mail.
It may be hard to do this in a rule right?

Does that mean that something similar to “task-defaults” isn’t available with Orquesta?

As far as I know it is not available. You could send all your failures to a workflow that sends different emails based on the name of the failed action. It shouldn’t be more difficult just a different way of solving the problem.