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[Fixed] Orquesta; with syntax; workflow hangs indefinetly

A simple with orquesta workflow does not work for me:

version: 1.0
      items: "domain  in {{ctx().mitigate_domains }}"
      action: "core.echo message={{item(domain)}}"

  - mitigate_domains
  - ticket: null


pack: intel
enabled: true
runner_type: orquesta
name: ticket_add_domains_mitigate
    type: "array"
      type: "string"
    type: integer
entry_point: workflows/ticket_add_domains_mitigate.yaml

Indentation and starting whitespace is syntactical in YAML, so make sure your indentation is correct:

So the bug here is that this will cause the action to be in a running state forever.

Agreed, please open a bug in the Orquesta project:

The issue looks like fixed in Fix schema of with items task to not allow additional properties by m4dcoder · Pull Request #195 · StackStorm/orquesta · GitHub