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How to pass variable in ansible.playbook

I am running ansible into stackstorm. My workflow is working when i will comment the inputs that is ip, username and password. That means It is not excepting ip, username and password as input, So please suggest me any other way to pass input to playbook.

HERE is the code error message:

  • message: Action “ansible.playbook” has unexpected input “ip”.
    schema_path: properties.tasks.patternProperties.^\^\w+
    spec_path: tasks.task1.input.ip
    type: content
    output: null

Here is my workflow code:

version: “1.0”
description: “A domain controller workflow that demonstrates disk space and compress log files.”

  • ip
  • username
  • password

action: ntt_windows_domain_controllers.check_disk_space
ip: <% ctx().ip %>
username: <% ctx().username %>
password: <% ctx().password %>
- when: <% succeeded() %>
- stdout: <% result() %>
- when: <% failed() %>
- stdout: <% result() %>

Hi @mksindri.

It looks like your workflow properties file in the actions folder is incorrect. Can you share that file here, using the Preformatted text button?