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In k8s deployment, chatops.post_result and chatops.post_message delayed or stuck in running state

I have deployed st2 in k8s cluster using stackstorm provided helm chart for high availability. Slack is our hubot adapter.Facing the following issues in chatops

  1. Case : Running chatops.post_message - it’s execution shows succeeded but didn’t get the message in slack channel. This is not happening always though. Randomly occurs.
  2. Case: chatops.post_result triggered by chatops.notify - this stuck in running state for more than 5 hours then posting the result to slack. Sometimes it stuck in running state forever.

Please let me know if you guys faced this before and how you resolved it or suggest a way to overcome this issues.

This is a known issue.

StackStorm ChatOps is configured in two1 steps:

  • StackStorm <–> st2chatops
  • st2chatops <–> Slack

You seem to have the StackStorm <–> st2chatops working, although it can’t hurt to double check that.

But the st2chatops <–> Slack integration doesn’t appear to be working for you. You must use a Legacy Bot Token from Slack, a modern token will not work.

1 Technically it’s three steps, as you need to ensure that the Slack → st2chatops websockets connection works, and that the st2chatops → Slack HTTP connection works, but both use the same authentication token from Slack.

Thank you for the updates.

We are using the classic app bot token.
Now, chatops.post_result is getting succeeded but slack channel is not receiving the result message. Sometimes it receives message though.
I think issue is with Hubot event listener which is not getting the announcement event and posting the data back to slack.

As mentioned in the st2 HA doc, Hubot does have some limitations so single instance of chatops is used. Not sure if that’s causing this problem though.

Please suggest if any work around can be done in this regard.

I think issue is with Hubot event listener which is not getting the announcement event and posting the data back to slack.

Double check that st2chatops has the correct credentials to ST2. It is a normal ST2 API user, and the credentials are specified in /opt/stackstorm/chatops/st2chatops.env.