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Need to implement stackstorm actions


I am new to stackstorm and Kindly help me on the below requirement.

Manual Process:
step1: We are logging into a server using user credentials
step2: switching to docker user using: sudo su - docker (it is not asking password)
Step3: Now executing the commands:
systemctl start docker
systemctl stop docker
systemctl restart docker

I know we can use remote shell command runner type for the action but how to switch to docker user from user and run above commands.


like remote you can use the remote_sudo action from the core pack. remote_sudo will run the command as sudo. Iā€™m guessing something like this should work for you.

st2 run core.remote_sudo cmd="su - docker; <commands/script that you might want to execute>" username="<remote-host-ssh-username>"  password="<remote-host-ssh-password>" hosts="localhost/remote-host"

If passwordless sudo is not enabled then you can also pass the sudo_password to the action. Hope this helps.


@Sheshagiri Thank you it is working.