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Reduce the number of logs

There are by default multiple logs for a simple commands, how to reduce the number of logs in stackstorm gui like below i dont want to see that in logs, how to reduce them?:

  "tasks": [
      "liveaction_id : abc
      "state": "succeeded",
      "result": {
        "exit_code": 0,

Please help us in this.

If you want to create a constrained interface that only retrieves certain fields, you need to use the API. Look at the include_attributes and exclude_attributes query parameters.

i dont want to change the Api of stackstorm with exclude and include attributes, i just want less logs to improve the performance, there will be some file where we can change the log level from debug to info or something like that.
Please let me know where I can find this and in which file i need to change.

Thanks for your support

It’s not “changing the API” - it’s just using the API.

Those attributes you showed are task attributes - they’re not debug/info/warning logs. Those are different. Most people want to see task attributes such as the state, the timestamps, and the result.

If you don’t want to see standard fields, you will need to write your own custom frontend, using the API.

thanks for the update