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Scheduled Mistral Workflow stuck in running state

Running 2.10.1 version of stackstorm and 2.7.5 python on CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 in K8s, using mistral workflow. We directly run the workflow, and it works properly, we go to rules and try to schedule using a cron timer or interval timer and the workflow kicks off as expected and stays in running state, never progressing or failing, never even running the first task. Its still hanging around 24 hours later. This appeared after upgrading from 2.9.x to 2.10 version. Verified the scheduler is running and we see the execution starting in the mistral logs.

I noted that I cannot reproduce on a single node instance, but running in K8s we are seeing this issue. It appears it may be related to using Helm charts for the mistral workflow?

OK another update, when running as a rule, we are running as a different user, which does not have correct permissions it appears. We have this working now, using LDAP authentication, we add the required user stanley and now we can schedule workflows using rules.

Per our discussion on the #community channel in Slack, since Mistral will be deprecated soon, we did not include Mistral in our helm chart for K8s. So, if you are using our helm chart, that’s probably the reason why Mistral workflows are not running. Please migrate to Orquesta, our new workflow engine, moving forward.

I understand your pushing folks off of mistral, but until you have a GA release of Orquesta it seems a bit premature. I cannot take production code and convert to a beta or RC1 release. Is there any realistic date when your going GA? And yes, I understand I can go now…i just have been bitten a few too many times with early releases.

You can continue to use Mistral until it is deprecated in future release and we will support it until then. However, for any new development such as helm chart and k8s, we won’t include Mistral. There is also technical problem with scaling out Mistral that’s why it is not included in our k8s and helm chart development and the resources required to overcome it. Hence the reason we are developing Orquesta. Orquesta GA is scheduled for v3.0 and should be released soon.