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Specify node for action

does anybody know if some progress has been made regarding Feature req: Partitioning actions to execute on separate nodes · Issue #3096 · StackStorm/st2 · GitHub ?
We are in a similar case: 2 nodes, but some actions can only be run in one of them.
More specifically, we have one VM A in the cloud, and one VM B in our infrastructure (in a closed environment/network).
From our infrastructure, not all ports and protocols can be opened, so for instance, we would like to call some rest API from VM A, but make active-directory requests from VM B.
Currently we have managed to run the 2 VM in a HA setup, and hope that installing some packs only is VM A and others in VM B does the trick, but it failed.
Is our use case possible? maybe a config/parameter to add the action call that we’ve missed?