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Stackstorm version 3.2

Hi All,

Any risks involved in new stackstorm release v3.2 ?
Is there any upgrade plans for further new release of stackstorm ?
Can we upgrade st2v3.1 to st2v3.2 using commands in documents with that, do we have any issues with the server and performance ?


Take a look at v3.2 upgrade notes, documented here: Upgrade Notes — StackStorm 3.2.0 documentation which highlights some of the major changes you may experience.

You can also take a look at v3.2.0 changelog: Release v3.2.0 · StackStorm/st2 · GitHub
to identify more granular changes.

hi @armab thanks for response.
I am doing workflow in new version there I am using keys which contain dot in key name like task().task_name. It is throwing error that key must not contain dot. I checked in google it tells that dot is not accepted by pymongo as it is reserved word, how can I overcome that issue to use dot in keys.

Yes, it’s a known issue that was fixed in st2 master and will be released in stackstorm v3.3.

Thanks for info @armab. So can’t we use keys with dot by escaping or by modifying check_keys value in this version. Is there any alternate way to use dot in key names within workflow level ?

Is it issue with the stackstorm or mongo, now we are using mongo 3.10 version but mongo is allowing dot ( . ) and dollor ( $ )symbol from version 3.6 ?