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Workflow is not able start, rule is failing validation

Hi Team,
Please find the Workflow details
Meta data:

[07:23:05] [email protected]:/opt/stackstorm/packs/default/actions/workflows# cat ../event_demo.meta.yaml
pack: default
enabled: true
runner_type: orquesta
    type: object
    required: true
    type: object
    required: true
    type: string
    required: true
    type: string
    required: true
name: event_demo
entry_point: workflows/event_demo.yaml
[07:23:16] [email protected]:/opt/stackstorm/packs/default/actions/workflows#


    version: 1.0
  - alerts_hostname
  - alerts_id
  - alerts_command
  - resolver

    action: core.echo
      concurrency: 1
      message: "Alert hostname <% ctx().alerts_hostname %>, alert id <% ctx().alerts_id, command exec <% ctx('alerts_command') %>, resolver <% ctx('resolver') %>"

can someone guide me i want to print the values which i am getting in input to the WF.

Initially its giving an error like

  "output": null,
  "errors": [
      "type": "error",
      "message": "TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable",
      "task_id": "output_alert",
      "route": 0

Your tasks has with syntax which If I remember correctly must have items which are array or list like iterables. if that is not the input, please remove them. with and concurrency are not valid in the current structure.

There is no items in with statement.
items is required