404 error for chatops messages path

I am trying to get chatops working with MSTeams and feel like I have everything in place, but the messaging endpoint fails with error 404:

curl -k https://localhost/api/messages
    "faultstring": "The resource could not be found."

in st2api.log:

2020-06-11 15:29:44,780 139844007625232 INFO (unknown file) [-] 82a90a3f-de5f-4ac7-856e-e6770f2c4cdc - 404 57 1.136ms (method=‘POST’,path=’/messages’,remote_addr=‘’,status=404,runtime=1.136,content_length=57,request_id=‘82a90a3f-de5f-4ac7-856e-e6770f2c4cdc’)

Is there a step to connect the api path to hubot?

Have you configured the endpoint in /opt/stackstorm/configs/ like this?

Have you tried curl -k https://localhost:port/api/messages

I used slack and I wasn’t sure if they are same.