Activedirectory get_ad_computer exit workflow both success/failure

(Mohan L) #1

Hi All,

I am using activedirectory.get_ad_computer action to check if the compute object already there in AD or not. If the compute object already there in AD then I am sending mail using email pack to send email.

When I execute my workflow it runs CheckAD task but it is not calling task on success or on failure task. Both CheckAD success/failure simply exit the workflow with out any error.

I am stuck at this stage very long time. Any one come across similar issue? Any help will be really helpful.

status: failed (7s elapsed)
start_timestamp: Fri, 18 May 2018 16:45:15 UTC
end_timestamp: Fri, 18 May 2018 16:45:22 UTC
   \# Check if the hostname already registered with AD
      name: "CheckAD"
      ref: "activedirectory.get_ad_computer"
        hostname: 'ad_hostname'
        username: 'ad-username'
        password: 'ad_password'
        args: "{{vm_name}}"
      on-success: "SendFailureAlert"
      on-failure: "Printoutput"

\ -
      name: "SendFailureAlert"

(Lindsay Hill) #2

What does your complete action chain YAML look like?

And what does st2 execution get <ID> show you when you attempt to execute it?

(Mohan L) #3

Hi Ihill,

Oh. Sorry. That was my mistake. There was bug in my code and it took lots of time to understand what is going on.

In my workflow I am calling SendFailureAlert task which calls email action. I was passing email_to as string instead of array.

Thank for your time.