Any way we can install stackstorm on RHEL5

Hi All,

Please suggest if we can install StackStorm on RHEL5.

Deep C

The source is open, you are welcome to take that and package it and test it yourself. But there are no standard instructions or RPMs for doing so, nor will there ever be.

RHEL 5 was released in 2007. It goes completely end of support in 2020. Since then, RHEL has released 3 major new versions. New VMs are effectively free. Why do you want to run it on RHEL 5? Why would you deploy ST2 on such an old system, rather than a new VM?

Wants to deploy st2 on RHEL5 because i have RHEL5 only. I want to utilize those if i can.

Ubuntu is free to download. So is CentOS. There is no reason to continue using RHEL 5.x.

Yeah, thanks much. Will do the same.