Best approach for Asset MGMT to DCIM system

(LuisN) #1

So I currently use an asset mgmt system that does not have webhooks, but does have an api. Snipe-IT - which I created a script to execute when a new system is added - takes the info and adds it to DCIM (Netbox).

Is there a way, and whats the best approach to run the script and feed the information into st2 to add the device instead of scripts. id like to then setup sensors for that device in netbox (when an interface is added) to be able to run a napalm script. thoughts?

i am still wrapping my head around how st2 flow works.

(W Chan) #2

StackStorm supports a number of options to trigger action executions. This depends on the system you’re integrating with. You can either write a sensor that queries the asset management system for new devices or you can continue to use the script that the asset management system uses to push the new device info via web hook into st2.

(LuisN) #3

@m4dcoder when you say sensor that queries, can you expand on that?

(Lindsay Hill) #4

Check the sensor docs. Look at polling sensors.