Changing color(s) of Web UI


Would anyone know if it’s possible to change color(s) of Web UI and how to do that? Thanks in advance.

(Lindsay Hill) #2

The code is at GitHub - StackStorm/st2web: StackStorm Web UI - you could modify the CSS, and build your own packages. That would get over-written on upgrade.

There is no built-in support for easily changing colors. Do you need/want to change colors because some colors are hard to distinguish for color-blind users, or because you want to apply your own company look & feel?


My team was asked if it’s possible to change colors in Web UI.

Thanks Lindsay for the explanation and your help

(Lindsay Hill) #4

Ask the team what they want to change, and why. See what the end goal is.

I mention the color-blind thing because we do want to hear about accessibility issues, and fix those if possible.