Chatops.post_result takes long time for execution

We are using chatops for stackstorm HA with version 3.2.0, and found chatops.post_result takes long time(10s+) for execution. How can we to reduce the overall execution time of to improve the performance?

For example, we run the alias “!pack get linux”, it takes only 2s for the execution of packs.get , but takes 12s for the chatops.post_result as below.

And then get the execution 5efed2333d50e18e4dc758d8 for chatops.post_result, we found the actual execution time is only 4s(2s+2s) as below, but the whole execution time is 12s:

Below are the snapshot of our deploy scales, thanks for any suggestion here.

That’s indeed a lot for chatops making it close to unusable.

Try to debug the networking and latency in your cluster, and performance for backends like RabbitMQ and MongoDB that StackStorm relies on.
As more is getting distributed in HA environment, response time becomes a more of a problem.

@armab thanks for your suggestion!

@armab One more question, is there interval parameter defined in st2 for the scheduler to run, and to retrieve queue message from RabbitMQ?