Checking support for AWS DocumentDB ( instead of Mongo) & Amazon MQ ( instead of RabbitMQ) for Controller Box in HA

(Ashwin) #1

We mainly use AWS serverless services to deploy any applications. I do have two questions around this for stackstorm deployment -

  1. Can we use AWS DocumentDB ( instead of MongoDB ?

  2. Can we use Amazon MQ instead of RabbitMQ?

  3. Can RabbitMQ can be replaced by Kafka?


(Lindsay Hill) #2

You could try it and report your results.

What’s the thinking behind wanting to do that? Especially if you had already switched to a managed service with #2?

(Ashwin) #3

Regarding Kafka, I do have option to use either Amazon MQ or existing Kafka infrastructure.

For me to try it out, which is the right integration test suits to run which covers both MongoDB replacement as well as Amazon MQ.

(Tomaz Muraus) #4

Yeah, what @lhill said - we don’t officially support any of those services, but you can try it out at your own risk.

At the moment we use code which utilizes functionality of MongoDB 3.6 API, but in the near future we plan to upgrade to MongoDB 4.0 which I believe is not supported by AWS.

On message bus note - we use Python kombu library which, in theory, also supports Amazon MQ backend, but again, it’s not something we test and support (there are likely edge cases and things not working).

And Kafka is out of question - too much of our message bus related code relies on RabbitMQ primitives and guarantees (which Kafka doesn’t have).

(Lindsay Hill) #5

You could look through the tests in the repo. But those are just the tests we do as part of PRs and regular checks. You need to run tests with sensors, triggers, rules, workflows, actions that match your environment.