Composer is not working on imported workflows

Is it the expected behaviour that I cannot use composer on imported workflows? The editor is empty when I try to modify them.

Hi. It should work with imported workflows.
You need to make sure that it loads the workflow and all actions - can take a few seconds, but it should show you the actions to import on the left when its all loaded.

There are a couple of known issues, but you should be able to view existing workflows.

If you can let it load, and then have a look at the developer console in your browser to see if it reports any errors. (I know of some issues when clicking on particular boxes in a workflow, but haven’t seen a problem where a workflow wouldn’t load completely)

THX for the help. Looks like my deployment is the culprit… :slight_smile:

answering my question: “st2ctl reload --register-all” fixes this issue.