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Do we support multiple replicas for st2sensorcontainer, st2rulesengine in kubernetes-1ppc mode?

Hi Team,
I deployed st2 using kubernetes-1ppc mode
I saw all the replicas in the st2.yml are all set to 1
like st2sensorcontainer

I went through our ha doc and found some st2 comps need to take extra work to achieve HA(like st2rulesengine need to disable the timer, st2sensorcontainer need to consider partitioning sensors)
My question is do we support multi-replicas? expecially for st2sensorcontainer,st2rulesengine, these comps.
Any extra work to do when using kubernetes-1ppc mode?

Sorry… I do not know of any out-of-the-box st2-docker based solution that does the noted extra work required to achieve HA. I believe multi-replicas would work in k8s-1ppc mode once these additional changes are made.

Anyone else able to provide a working example?

I run with following configurations and it worked for me
st2web: 3
st2stream: 3
st2sensorcontainer: 1
st2rulesengine: 1
st2resultstracker: 3
st2notifier: 3
st2garbagecollector: 1
st2auth: 3
st2api: 3
st2actionrunner: 3
mistralserver: 3
mistralapi: 3