Docker image with Ubuntu18 and Python 3.7+ for stackstorm ha

Hi there,

I’ve installed stackstorm-ha 3.2dev:

Welcome to StackStorm HA v3.2dev (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS GNU/Linux x86_64)

Warning! Do not edit configs, packs or any content inplace as they will be overridden. Modify Helm values.yaml instead!
It’s recommended to use st2client container to work with StackStorm cluster.

Is that possible to provide ss image with python 3.7+ for stackstorm-ha?


Yes, there is an issue for this in stackstorm-ha Helm chart repository: Switch Docker images from Ubuntu Xenial -> Bionic as a base · Issue #74 · StackStorm/stackstorm-ha · GitHub

However there are no immediate plans to switch to Ubuntu Bionic images as a base in nearest time.

Thanks @armab. Let’s wait for th enew image.