EWC, how to load existing workflows to edit (st2 3.4, running st2flow)

Greetings. I’m a new st2 user and checking out creating workflows using EWC. AFAIK it isn’t integrated into st2web yet (looks like it’s on the backlog) and so I stood up st2flow which I can access and create a workflow, and even execute it from the st2flow UI. I can see the history/results in the main st2web UI also, so the creation and execution aspect looks great.

The problem is I want to later go back in and edit a workflow that I’ve configured, but I don’t see a way to “load” a workflow, only save a new one.

Any guidance on this?

For reference I installed st2 following the instructions here and then installed st2flow following the repo instructions here.

Check the StackStorm v3.4.0 Released - StackStorm release announcement,

The Workflow Designer was integrated into StackStorm since v3.4.0 (current release).

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Thanks, someone on Slack tipped me off to the buttons last night, this solidifies it.