Hardware Recommendations


I’m looking to buy some hardware next year and I need to get an idea of what I should be looking for. Currently we’re running an HA cluster with the application tier on three, 4cpu 8G memory VM’s and the database tier on another three VMs. I plan on keeping the app tier segregated from the db tier. For the application tier, should I be looking for something with more CPU power, or more memory? How about HDD vs. SDD?

We’re running v. 2.9

(Lindsay Hill) #2

Workloads vary, which makes it hard to give definitive answers. The best thing to do is to get some stats from your monitoring system, and see where the constraints are. Some workloads are CPU-heavy, some use more RAM. See what your system is using, and use that to help decide what to get. In general I would lean towards more RAM over CPU, once you have min 4 vCPU available per system.

That said, hardware is pretty cheap these days. “Base” configurations for modern servers have a lot of cores and RAM. If your hardware is dedicated to ST2, then pretty much any modern server will be enough.

It’s up to you how you manage your overall resources, but I would rather have large shared pools of resources, rather than dedicated hardware for individual apps. Up to you.

SSD, unless you have enormous amounts of data.