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Help Creating Packs

I am trying to follow the documentation to create packs. I have all the files configured under stackstorm_automation folder.

The problem i am having is after i update the contents, it still loads the old pack.

[email protected]:~/stackstorm-automation$ sudo st2 pack install file:///$PWD

[ succeeded ] download pack
[ succeeded ] make a prerun
[ succeeded ] install pack dependencies
[ succeeded ] register pack

| Property | Value |
| name | SRE Automation |
| description | Simple pack containing examples of sensor, rule, and action. |
| version | 0.1.0 |
| author | xxxxxxxxx

I updated the sensor and pack.yaml to

ref: sre_automation

name: automation

description: Simple pack containing examples of sensor, rule, and action.


  • automation

  • sre

version: 0.1.1


Then i uninstalled the pack but when i run the install from $PWD i still see the old version getting installed.

Make sure you’ve committed your changes. When installing from a repo, it will install the last commit by default. So if you have changes that are not committed, they won’t be picked up.

Thanks that worked. Thought this would not be need if installing from a local directory.

From the perspective of the pack install action, it’s just another path to a git repo - same as if you gave it http://. It doesn’t really know it’s a local folder.

If you’re doing pack development, you can just directly edit the content at /opt/stackstorm/packs/<pack> and re-register it with st2ctl reload. If you’re using that registration process (as opposed to st2 pack install), then it will use the content on disk.