How to access and use database in a mistral workflow?

I have a postgres database. I want to query a particular table in the database and send texts to the contact of each selected people(row) from mistral workflow. I am new to mistral workflows, help!

We will be deprecating Mistral soon. You should use orquesta workflow instead.

As for your specific use case, you can search the StackStorm Exchange to see if there’s already a PostgreSQL pack. If there isn’t, you can write your own PostgreSQL pack with read and write actions that you can reference from the orquesta workflow.

If you need additional help, we have professional services option available.

Good luck.

There’s isn’t a pack that is specific to PostgreSQL (there is one for MySQL), but there is a generic SQL pack that can connect to PostgreSQL databases and has actions for insert, bulk insert, update, and delete, as well as a generic query action if you need to do anything more specific.

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