How to access custom packs that are not in stackstorm exchange with serverless plugin


(Prapoorna Kotha) #1

i would like to find out the procedure and configuration steps required to be able to use custom packs
that are not within stackstorm exchange.

The documentation here doesn’t specify anything:

We have some features that we can contribute to the stackstorm exchange and use, however we have several custom things that are specific to our company and have to stay within our repositories. Wondering how to leverage that these custom packs and actions?


  1. If the custom packs are checked into any centralized repository with a url, will it do?
  2. Does it have to be GIT only?
  3. Where should we specify the url and the authentication for this within the serverless yaml or other place?

(Lindsay Hill) #2

More contributions to the Exchange are always welcome - let me know if you need any help with contributing new packs, or extending existing packs.