How to add http_proxy to docker version of StackStorm?

Hello all,
I need to go through proxy to get to the internet. I managed to install and run the whole StackStorm set in docker using the provided docker-compose.

However I can’t figure out where to setup the http_proxy so I can install/download packages from internet. Documentation is saying:

On Ubuntu systems, edit /etc/default/st2actionrunner and /etc/default/st2api to set the proxy configuration environment variables. For RHEL/CentOS systems, edit /etc/sysconfig/st2actionrunner and /etc/sysconfig/st2api .

But this files are not present in the docker images…

Any ideas ? Thanks.

unfortunately I have already removed the sandbox with similar problem (docker + proxy). If i remember correctly I had to set the proxy 3 different places in order to make it work (container, stacktorm and even in the rules).

I have figured it out. Here is solution that worked for me, if somebody come across this, add these to docker-compose file:

Under st2actionrunner and st2api: add:

HTTP_PROXY: http://proxy_IP:port
HTTPS_PROXY: http://proxy_IP:port

This was enough to make it work for me. Maybe it could be added to documentation.