How to add new workers to st2actionrunner service

The systemctl file is at:
the bash script is at:
The bash script is expecting a variable called
else defaults to 10
there is an EnvironmentsFile


  • For RHEL/CentOS systems edit /etc/sysconfig/st2actionrunner
  • For Ubuntu/Debian systems edit /etc/default/st2actionrunner

and add a line:
or whatever number of workers you want to try.


@guzzijones I created a PR for this: document number of workers per service by punkrokk · Pull Request #960 · StackStorm/st2docs · GitHub

Feel free to submit these in the future!

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@guzzijones Can you mark this as solved? Thanks!

I updated the docs.

If you are reducing the number of workers just make sure you STOP the st2actionrunner service before you change the number of workers or it will leave the remaining workers running and it will appear nothing is changing.

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Good call. Guess I need to update the docs again. :blush:

For K8 per documentation 5 replicas, what about docker ?

What about the significance of the following configurations in st2.conf under [actionrunner]

actions_pool_size = x
workflows_pool_size = y

Is the above settings used for threadpools within action runners?