How to configure redis authentication


I’m building a stackstorm setup and would like it to authenticate to the external service (mongo, rabbitmq and redis). I can find the configuration for the mongo and rabbitmq, but there is no documentation on how to configure redis. Could someone explain how to set username, password and location (host:port, url, anything else) for redis in the stackstorm configuration?

Actually, I couldn’t find any documentation on redis at all! Can someone additionally explain what redis is used for within stackstorm? Saw something about that it’s used as a coordination backend in a HA setup. Our setup does not need to be HA. Can redis be disabled in that case?

Thanks in advance,

Redis is used for the coordination backend which you MUST install. It isn’t listed as a required dependency YET, but it will be. Orquesta workflows that are more complex than sequential workflows will not work correctly without the coordination backend installed. I haven’t setup any authentication or ssl for it so I can’t comment on that.

Thanks for the quick answer! Had a feeling I couldn’t remove that dependency, but didn’t have a reason why not. We use orquesta, so we definitely need redis then. :slight_smile:

Still would like to know how to authenticate stackstorm with redis.