How to create EC2 instance


I want to create an EC2 instance.
Therefore, I installed the AWS package.

But, AWS package can’t found create EC2 instance action.

EC2 instance can make action in AWS package?

You can use aws.ec2_run_instances action to create a new EC2 instance - stackstorm-aws/ec2_run_instances.yaml at master · StackStorm-Exchange/stackstorm-aws · GitHub.

The action name is analogous to AWS API and CLI commands -

As an alternative (if you don’t care about all the EC2 specific functionality), you can also use libcloud.create_vm action to create and launch an EC2 instance - stackstorm-libcloud/create_vm.yaml at master · StackStorm-Exchange/stackstorm-libcloud · GitHub.

Hi, Tomaz Muraus
Thank you for answering.
You can do that by performing the action “ec2_run_instances” or “create_vm”.
Thank you. It would be nice if the person taught in another ticket works.