How to get the matched criteria values into action as parameters

Hi Stackstorm Team

I am inspired from search operator mentioned in Rules — StackStorm 3.1.0 documentation, i am using search operator to match a specific keyword from trigger which has a list of key:values

payload looks like below

{ ‘issue_fields’: [
‘servername’: ‘prodweb1’,
‘servicename’: ‘check_ntp’
‘servername’: ‘prodapp2’,
‘servicename’: ‘check_tomcat’

the trigger & criteria looks good and the rule works fine with some basic action i am using in my scenario. How can i pass the iterating item value info to action when the pattern matches , i need the info to be used inside action as host parameters, i am planning to use the value using jinja. This is for using ansible as my action.ref, nagdash/icinga as my sensor. Please help


type: “search”
# Controls whether all items in the trigger payload must match the child criteria,
# or if any single item matching the child criteria is sufficient
condition: any # <- At least one item must match all child patterns
# Here our context is each item of the list
# All of these patterns must match the item for the item to be considered a match
# These are simply other operators applied to each item of the list
type: “equals”
pattern: “Status”

      type: "equals"
      pattern: "Approved"

I would like to send the custom key info to a sample action whenever there is a match