How to install pack from private git repository using ssh when deployed on docker

Hi guys
I’m having trouble with ssh when i try to install pack from private repo using docker;

  • which container should contain the ssh key (st2client or st2actionrunner or st2api) ?
  • which user should be owner (stanley or root)

If it’s possible to put this in the documentation or in the readme file it would be very helpfull

Packs — StackStorm 3.3.0 documentation covers it.

The user which runs the pack install is root and the container where it’s executed is st2actionrunner. So you need to share SSH key for the st2actionrunner container.

Hope that helps.

Both Docker and Documentation repositories are opensource, we’d love to accept PRs to improve the documentation around this.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try and be back to you