How to install specific version of stackstorm

It seems the One-line Install and manual install will install the latest version stackstorm, is there a way to install a certain version stackstorm? Thanks!

The documentation you’re referring has a version tab in the bottom right hand corner. There are 2 anterior versions to the current version available on that tab. You can choose your preferred version then read the one-liner installation documentation.

If you want to go back further than that, you’d need to checkout the st2doc git repository and look through it to find the version you want.

Keep in mind that the further back you go, the more likely it will be that you will be running an unsupported version of StackStorm and you’ll be on your own with any bugs/issue you encounter.

Thanks Carlos for your response.
I noticed the version tab you mentioned, but it seems the quick install commands are the same for ‘latest’ and ‘3.4’ as below, and I ever ran the command several days before and the stackstorm 3.4.1 was installed:
bash <(curl -sSL --user=st2admin --password=Ch@ngeMe

Is there a way to identify the version in the install command to install a specific version, such as 3.4.0?

You can specify the version argument
bash <(curl -sSL --user=st2admin --password=Ch@ngeMe --version=3.4.0

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@khushboobhatia01 Thanks a lot, that’s what I need.