How to integrate an ansible on a dedicated server?

(Erik Schweighofer) #1


is there a way to define an stackstorm endpoint for the ansible<>stackstorm integration pack?
Means to have stackstorm and ansible installed on different servers


(Tomaz Muraus) #2

Right now that’s not possible - ansible pack assumes ansible Python library is installed on the server where StackStorm action runner services run (ansible library is installed automatically when installing ansible StackStorm pack).

Having said that - that shouldn’t matter much, because you can use ansible pack to run ansible commands and playbooks on arbitrary servers.

Is there a specific use case / problem you have in mind?

(Erik Schweighofer) #3

Hi Tomaz,

Not really a specific use case, the reason I was asking is just a design question as we have multiple stackstorm servers with a specific rotation due to versioning. So we need to have also the ansible playbooks distributed in the same way.