How to troubleshoot slow `execution list` response?

# st2 --version
st2 2.10.1, on Python 2.7.6

I’m facing st2 execution command latency issue in my single node st2 environment.
First st2 execution list --last 20 spent 4 minutes to show the result.
Second and after it took 5 seconds only.

I’d like to learn how I can investigate this latency issue. Any advice is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

(Tomaz Muraus) #2

We’ve made a lot of API related performance improvements in the last couple of releases and st2 execution list should never take that long.

One thing you can do is run st2 execution list -n 20 and then copy over the curl line it prints out and time that directly (to see if the issue lies on the CLI side, API side or somewhere else - e.g. network, database, etc.).

Also, is there enough free disk space on that server (especially the partition where MongoDB data files live)?

We’ve seen similar behavior in the past linked to the lack of free disk space.


Thank you very much for the comment and my apologies for delayed response.
We doubt this was caused by high workload for both st2 and postgres containers, and restarted them.
Its working much better as of now, and would like to keep it for a while and check how it goes.