"Human" based event trigger?

I hope this makes sense. In thinking about event driven automation how does st2 handle an event that is triggered by a ‘human’.
What I mean is if I have a workflow that I want to execute manually rather than using a time interval or act on data from a sensor, how would st2 handle that.

To give an actual example. We use Nessus for vulnerability management. I’m building a workflow where it will check Nessus for the most recent vulns that are rated high, it will then check Jira for any tickets already opened and then if not create one and assign to the appropriate team.
At this time we want to run it manually, but not sure how to implement that.

Humans can manually execute ST2 actions with either the st2 command line client, as well as manually executing actions via the built-in web UI, or if you configure a webhook rule, they can semi-manually fire off an HTTP request to that webhook endpoint with common utilities like curl or httpie. To ease this, the st2 command will print out the equivalent curl command if you run it with the --debug flag.

StackStorm also supports inquiries, where a workflow can pause while it asks a human (usually via ChatOps/Slack) for input, usually confirmation to continue. Once the human responds with confirmation, the workflow continues processing. Please refer to the documentation to see if that fits your use case.

That makes sense, thanks.
We have a powershell ‘utility’ of common commands we use, I could add a function to issue a http request to a webhook.