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I can't go beyond the login page


One day, I entered the user name and password on the stackstorm UI login page, but I could not proceed to the next screen.
Specifically, pressing the “Connect” button has no response.

Of course I was able to log in before.

Since Firefox and GoogleChrome are the same, this is probably not a browser issue.

Looking at the server log, /var/log/nginx/ssl-st2webui.access.log
Access log is output in.
I don’t know what caused it.
Can you help me?

/var/log/nginx/ssl-st2webui.access.log - st2admin [09/Nov/2019:23:52:49 +0900] "POST /auth/tokens HTTP/1.1" 201 200 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:70.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/70.0"

Try to see what’s happening in Browser Debug console and provide more details on the behavior. Maybe there are some rejected network requests/responses or javascript errors.
(Tools -> Web Developer) in Firefox.

Hi, armab.

Thank you for answering

When viewed from the browser console, the following message was output:

Error: request failed with status 404

I think it was after rebooting the stackstorm machine. Can you tell me why this error response occurs?

How the HTTP request looked like and the response with headers?
I’m not sure what endpoint you’re talking about.

Additionally, check if all StackStorm components are running with st2ctl status.

Hi, armab.

Thank you for answering

When I rebooted the machine where stackstorm was installed, the situation changed.

This time, when I press the CONNECT button on the login screen, nothing appears on the console and I can’t move to the top screen as before.

However, the nginx access log is right, so it doesn’t seem that you can’t access the stackstorm machine.

Of course, all processes are running.

It’s not a special environment except that it is running with VirturlBox …

##### st2 components status #####
st2actionrunner PID: 27114
st2actionrunner PID: 27116
st2actionrunner PID: 27118
st2actionrunner PID: 27120
st2actionrunner PID: 27122
st2actionrunner PID: 27124
st2actionrunner PID: 27126
st2actionrunner PID: 27128
st2actionrunner PID: 27130
st2actionrunner PID: 27132
st2api PID: 27144
st2api PID: 27792
st2stream PID: 27159
st2stream PID: 27807
st2auth PID: 27177
st2auth PID: 32010
st2garbagecollector PID: 27191
st2notifier PID: 27217
st2resultstracker PID: 27249
st2rulesengine PID: 27273
st2sensorcontainer PID: 27282
st2chatops is not running.
st2timersengine PID: 27305
st2workflowengine PID: 27313
st2scheduler PID: 27329
mistral-server PID: 27351
mistral.api PID: 27350
mistral.api PID: 32006
mistral.api PID: 32007
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Well …

Although it is reproduced in the home VirtualBox, it is not reproduced in the physical machine (however, if it is created with VirtualBox, it is 100% reproduced).

It may be due to the environment.

Since it is installed and operating normally on the physical machine, it may be closed once.