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Is it mandatory to install both mongodb and postgresql for stackstorm

Hi all

I am integrating stackstorm. I went through the document (RHEL 7/CentOS 7 β€” StackStorm 3.1.0 documentation) for installation. but I did not understand is it mandatory to install both MongoDB and PostgreSQL for stackstorm? If yes, then what are the reasons?

They are both currently required.

MongoDB is used directly by StackStorm.

PostgreSQL is used by Mistral. StackStorm currently wraps Mistral, but we will be removing Mistral after ST2 v3.2 (which is the next release). So PostgreSQL is also currently required, but will not be used or (automatically) installed after v3.2.

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Thanks for your information blag.

Hi blag,
As per last update you mentioned that in 3.2v stackstorm will remove PostgreSQL. Now they released 3.2v but PostgreSQL is still present. kindly provide the update. whether stackstorm will remove PostgreSQL or what?

He said after 3.2, so from 3.3 onwards

You can remove it today if you don’t use Mistral workflows