Is Python3.7 officially supported by StackStorm

Is Python3.7 officially supported by StackStorm e.g. Full testing as part of the CI/CD?

StackStorm is tested on python 3.6. You can still try to run this on python 3.7 and let us know if you encounter any issues.

I’ve been running StackStorm 3.2 on Debian Buster which is Python3.7 only. Long story short, eventlet 0.25.0 is buggy (bumping to 0.25.1 seemed to resolve the errors), icontains raises exceptions, rules silently fail to match which I can’t explain why. This is why I’m asking for an official position.

The thing is Ubuntu Bionic comes with Python 3.6 and Python 3.7 packages. So it should be possible to test both versions on Ubuntu. The flow on effect being if Python 3.7 works on Ubuntu, it’ll most likely work on Debian and other distros.

It would also help if you post logs from the rules engine so we can check what is going on.

I just checked and icontains doesn’t do anything special, as long as both arguments are strings, it should work.

It’s possible though that one argument is bytes and other is unicode (string) and that’s why it’s failing. I will look into adding a test case for that.

Thanks for commenting @kami. This is really the point of my question. I don’t want to burden the team asking for support on unsupported versions of Python/OS. I couldn’t see anything explicit in the St2 documentation as to which version(s) of Python3 are supported. If Python3.7 is considered compatible and supported, I’ll open a github issue with detailled tracing etc.

Yeah, Python 2.7 is going to be EOL soon so we should also come up with an official plan for removing support for Python 2.7 and only supporting Python 3.x deployments in the future.

But yes, if it works under Python 3.6 it’s very likely that it will also work under 3.7 and also 3.8 (vice-versa is not necessary 100% true though).

As far as rule criteria comparison operators go, I imagine it’s likely related to mixing bytes and string / unicode types - Update rule comparison operators to work with mixed operator types (bytes and strings) by Kami · Pull Request #4831 · StackStorm/st2 · GitHub.

That git PR looks like a potential match. I’ll rebuild the packages and test again once the patch has been merged to master. If I encounter problems, I’ll open an issue on github. Thanks!