jinja and yaql which is better

jinja and yaql which is better
After reading the official documents, I found that both expressions can support basic functions
Using yaql seems to be more concise (I prefer to use yaql personally)
Using Jinja will conflict with the symbol of JSON
But which one is the official preferred expression ?

Both YAQL and Jinja2 are officially supported. There are use cases with different datasets and actions where YAQL is the optimal solution and other cases where using Jinja2 is optimal.

Initially, YAQL was the only expression engine (an inheritance from Mistral) but was difficult for new users to pick-up. Jinja2 was later added to lower the entry barrier for new users.

As far as I know there is no intent to drop support for YAQL. I for one would be strongly against dropping YAQL support without very good reasons. I’d like to see YAQL better supported throughout the core product. YAQL as a first class citizen - Support YAQL expressions in rule criteria · Issue #4776 · StackStorm/st2 · GitHub

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