Linux Foundation Project TSC Members?

First off, :tada: Congratulations on joining the Linux Foundation! :tada:

I’m very excited to see StackStorm under an open source governance model. I applaud the entities that have been involved in bringing this about. And, I look forward to participating more in the already-vibrant community behind this open-source project.

The Technical Charter says:

The TSC voting members are initially the Project’s Committers. At the inception
of the project, the Committers of the Project will be as set forth within the
“CONTRIBUTING” file within the Project’s code repository. The TSC may
choose an alternative approach for determining the voting members of the TSC,
and any such alternative approach will be documented in the CONTRIBUTING

Does that mean that the top notch people that have been working on StackStorm at Extreme Networks form the initial set of TSC members?

Are there any discussions planned or in the works to determine the process for going from contributor to TSC member? What about from contributor to committer? Is there–or going forward might there be–a practical difference between who is a committer and who is a TSC member?

I think the answer to these questions should eventually (yeah - this change was only just barely announced… It’s okay if it takes a bit to get things buttoned up) end up in CONTRIBUTING.rst as indicated in the Technical Charter.

Again, this is very exciting! Congratulations to the community, to the companies involved, and especially to all the individuals involved in the nitty-gritty details, and probably-boring tasks, required to make this happen. :tada: Awesome! :tada:


Thanks for the warm words, we’re all super happy about the LinuxFoundation transition!

We have to figure it out, but initially I assume everyone who already maintained the project to be in the list, plus we’ll be excited to add those who contributed to st2 core platform recently via Pull Requests (3-5+ new members).

With neutral home like LinuxFoundation we’ll also expect new contributors and interested parties to appear who previously maintained their own st2 fork due to reasons. It’s interesting that in some orgs there are teams managing and maintaining st2 that are bigger by size comparing to entire st2 core team at its best times.


If you run across this post, the following 2 files describing the TSC have been merged into master:

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