Multiple Azure Accounts


Hey Team,

Wondering if multiple Azure accounts can be managed via a single instance of Stackstorm.
If yes, is there any documentation for this?


(Tomaz Muraus) #2

At the moment, only a single account can be managed via azure pack (GitHub - StackStorm-Exchange/stackstorm-azure: st2 content pack containing Microsoft Azure integrations.).

Having said that - it shouldn’t be too hard to update the pack to support multiple accounts.

There are multiple ways to approach that, one of them is doing what libcloud pack does (GitHub - StackStorm-Exchange/stackstorm-libcloud: st2 content pack containing libcloud integrations see libcloud.yaml.example).

Libcloud pack allows you to define multiple sets of credentials in the config and then each time you run an action you specify which set of credentials to use (in your azure pack, that would be which account to use).


Thanks Kami, that’s great.
Would it be possible to update the Azure pack itself to support this? So that it is all within one st2 content pack?

(Tomaz Muraus) #4

Yes, the best approach would be to update the azure pack directly to support that use case.

(Lindsay Hill) #5

Note the pack is Open Source - anyone can contribute