Multiple instances of st2chatops?

(Jacob Floyd) #1

Has anyone tried to run multiple instances of st2chatops? I would like to try running two separate copies of st2chatops with each connected to a different Slack community, and have them both talk to the same install of st2. Is that possible?

I’m thinking of duplicating the st2chatops systemd service file, and pointing it at a different copy of st2chatops.env

Why I’m looking at this:

There are a bunch of people where I work moving from Slack to Microsoft Teams (for which support is Beta in ST2 3.0). I don’t use Teams because I exclusively use linux, and they don’t have a client for linux. But, I want our st2 instance to support people that do use Teams, even though I will continue to just use Slack.

So, ignoring Teams for now, I figure hooking up two st2chatops instances to two different Slack organizations now should let me deal with Teams when it hits GA.

(Eugen C.) #2

That should be possible.

For second chatops instance try to configure different ST2_ROUTE ENV from GitHub - StackStorm/hubot-stackstorm: Hubot plugin for integration with StackStorm event-driven infrastructure automation platform. and add another chatops rule in StackStorm to match that route (based on default notify_hubot rule).