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Need help in triggering AWS auto scaling group with Docker swarm pending task

I need help in setting up Scaling in and Scaling out instances with AWS auto scaling group with docker swarm pending task trigger
Like this video

What does your environment look like, what have you configured so far, and where are you getting stuck?

I have installed stackstorm from docker image on a centos system
Installed docker 1.18 ce

And ran it in docker swarm mode and configured the launch configuration in the AWS and the auto scaling group
And when i manually increase the desired the instance the new instance gets created and gets attached to the cluster automatically

My problem here is

I want stackstorm to communicate with docker swarm and check for pending task and if a certain condition is met it increases the desired instance in the Auto scaling group and scale down if an instance is free

But right now i am unable to make to make the trigger possible where when i have 5 pending task in the docker swarm it is not triggering the stack storm to change the desired count in the auto scaling group

it is not triggering the stack storm

What sensors have you configured?

I have configured the docker swarm pending task limit sensor

And have you investigated what’s going on? Is Docker Swarm not sending events to StackStorm, or are your rules not matching? What rules have you configured?

Yeah the docker swarm is not sending the signal to the stack storm

We have a public release next month, it’s in user acceptance testing phase now and we are in war room now This is very urgent fix needed for production. As we are fully dependent on docker swarm and stackstorm is the only way to have aws auto scaling It would be great if someone in your team schedules a call with our team along with my managers regarding this issue and we are even ready to go for the enterprise edition.

@raghulopex To discuss Enterprise license, please write a message to [email protected]

Talking about the Docker Swarm + StackStorm, do you mean by any chance this tutorial:

and this st2 pack repository: GitHub - dzimine/swarm_scaling: StackStorm Automation pack for auto scaling Docker Swarm Cluster based on container load. or something else going on, maybe configuration/pack was edited for your specific needs?

If it doesn’t work out of the box, probably needs more in-depth checking if the code is still actual, something might be changed from 2017 in both st2 and Docker Swarm APIs when the tutorial was initially published.

It’s there just to showcase the possible use case of StackStorm + integration.

Is Docker Swarm integrated into this project, based on above comment that it was may be for showcasing possibilities with ST?