Need help with posting events from nagios to Stackstorm


Trying to Integrate Nagios with Stackstorm but getting error :Failed registering with st2. Won’t post event.

Any clue what could be the issue ?

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(Pvyaka01) #2

I used this link:

But did not use that e_nagios pack. However, the missing piece is STATE_ID. Once I added that to Nagios_service_chat.yaml, it started working. My Nagios_service_chat.yaml looks like this:

message: NAGIOS {{trigger.service}} ID:{{trigger.event_id}} STATE:{{trigger.state}}[{{ trigger.state_id }}]/{{trigger.state_type}}

Also, in Nagios_service_chat.yaml, hopefully you are using the channel number …something like ‘5c87be9026392e5814…’ and not the name. At least for me, using the name did not work