Need sample to connect from Linux to windows servers

(Deepchandna) #1

Can anyone please share the process or code sample to connect from StackStorm linux server to windows servers?

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@lhill Thanks much…

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As per stackstorm document required samba client is 4.1.

smbclient >= 4.1 - Command line Samba client ( smbclient package on Ubuntu and samba-client package on Fedora)`

Can i install version “4.6.2”? Can we have version greater than 4.1 for samba? Please respond ASAP.

(Lindsay Hill) #5

The document states “smbclient >= 4.1”

>= is commonly used in mathematics and programming and means “Greater than or Equal to”

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Okays, please take your time and respond .

(Luciano) #7

You can use Windows Integration Pack - GitHub - StackStorm-Exchange/stackstorm-windows.

A simple Mistral workflow executing a remote command would be like this:

version: '2.0'

    - host
    - user
    - password
      action: windows.winexe_cmd
        command: "dir c:\\"
        host: <% $.host %>
        username: <% $.user %>		
        password: <% $.password %>



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@luciano Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: