Need some help on build a action image for stackstorm on kubernetes HA

Hi I have successfully installed stackstorm on a kubernetes cluster using this link StackStorm HA Cluster in Kubernetes - BETA — StackStorm 3.0.1 documentation
i now need to add my custom actions and chains etc, the doc is not very clear, says need to build a docker image and upload to the local repo in the cluster. my setup is as follows.

  1. I have a gke cluster with stackstorm running on it (used helm to install)
  2. I am connecting to the cluster from my local mac using kubectl
  3. Where do i build the image , do i do it on my mac using docker commands and image file?
  4. how do i push the image to the gke cluster repo?
  5. Lastly how does stackstorm know to pull the image and use the side car?

Do we have a example for the above

Hi Arunn,

You could push your image to any docker image registry. There is no need to push to a private repo running in your kubernetes cluster. Just be sure that you do not have any private/confidential data in the image.

It does not matter where you build the image, as long as that image can be pushed to an image registry you can access from your k8s cluster.

StackStorm knows how to pull the image based on what you configure in your values.yaml. See stackstorm-ha/values.yaml at master · StackStorm/stackstorm-ha · GitHub.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any additional questions.