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Need support for Stackstorm installation

Hello All,

We are trying to install stackstorm in our organization. So, could you please help me how to proceed on this exactly and provide me the steps/details to install stackstorm.


Start with

Thank you for the link. actually we are totally new to this installation. So, guide us what we need exactly to install stackstorm, i have below questions.

  1. what are the prerequisites for installation.
  2. what permissions do we required to install stackstorm in LINUX box.

The installation documentation detailed above provides all of this information.

I usually suggest people start with either the Quick Install (Installation — StackStorm 2.7.2 documentation) where only a fresh VM is needed.

Or, if you’re familiar with vagrant, using the vagrant installation: GitHub - StackStorm/st2vagrant: Deploy StackStorm event-driven automation platform locally with Vagrant

Thank you for update. So, i need other info on prerequisite of user which are going to install stackstorm.

  1. what permissions required the user who is installing stackstorm in LINUX box.
  2. whcih directory we need to install stackstorm in LINUX box ( is there any mandatory of directory to install stackstorm)


  1. You’ll need to be root or have full sudo access
  2. The installation is a typical linux installation that touches the normal directories a system level package would modify, things like: /opt, /etc, /var/run, /var/log, /usr/bin, etc… i’m sure i’m missing some

@gangaarutla in the amount of time you’ve spent posting here, you could have just installed ST2, and found the answers to your questions. Spin up a new VM, and try following the install docs. That’s the best way to learn. Install only takes a few minutes.

If you need full professional services assistance to install ST2, get in touch via [email protected], and we will direct you to a PS partner.