Need to execute Dynamic Actions

(Virenderdubey) #1

I have a requirement for executing some task, but the task name and their parameters are dynamic. We have stored the task name and parameter in DB and a sensor polls the DB and trigger a rule for it.

In rule, In action section we specify the action name and their parameters.
Action Parameters are dynamic as can be specified as {{ trigger.payload }} etc., but the action ref is static. I tried to find, how i can make it dynamic but invain.

Is it possible currently in StackStorm, i am using version 2.6

Also I found their is way of doing using mistral, but that is also static and i have to create an action for each action.

Virender Kumar

(W Chan) #2

This feature will be included in StackStorm new workflow engine, beta due v2.8. This feature will not be available before v2.8 and we will not be pursuing this feature in Mistral.