Need to send action output to powershell

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Hi! Any advise on sending to power shell stack storm rule action output? Thanks :slight_smile:


You’ll need to explain what you are attempting to do a bit more, please.

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I have a power shell code working as a trigger ( webhook) to call a rule which action is a python file that is returning a value that I need to store in a database. I am starting with both powershell and stackstorm and wondering if you can advise how can I send back to power shell this value that is the output of the python.

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Also, try running your action manually, with the --debug flag, for example:

st2 --debug run core.local cmd='date; sleep 3;date'

Look at those curl equivalent REST calls. You can then figure out how to make equivalent calls with Powershell, and decide how you want to parse the data.