Newbie question with Stackstorm on Docker

The default docker compose file has the following settings for the volumes:

  - stackstorm-packs-volume:/opt/stackstorm/packs
  - stackstorm-virtualenvs-volume:/opt/stackstorm/virtualenvs
  - stackstorm-configs-volume:/opt/stackstorm/configs
  - stackstorm-log-volume:/var/log
  - ./
  - ./runtime/entrypoint.d:/st2-docker/entrypoint.d
  - ./runtime/st2.d:/st2-docker/st2.d
  - ./conf/stackstorm.env:/st2-docker/env

How do I get changes to /etc/st2/st2.conf to persist between starts/stops of the Docker containers

See this section of the README - it shows one way to do that st2-docker/ at master · StackStorm/st2-docker · GitHub

I see - so basically just do a variation of what the existing does in the ./runtime/entrypoint.d directory from above. Thanks, I knew I was missing something.